Epic Laser Treatment


Why Epic Laser Treatment?

Doctors have used lasers for years to provide better care for their patients – like LASIK vision correction laser treatment.  Now, we can offer the benefits of advanced laser technology for your dental care with the EPIC laser.

How does it work?

Epic Laser system emits light that precisely interacts with the areas to be treated in a low dose and safe manner. It can also provide temporary relief of pain by delivering therapeutic heat. It’s easy, fast and safe.

What Laser Treatments can do

  • Treat gum disease
  • Improve your “gummy” smile
  • Remove oral growths
  • Fix “tongue tie” and prevent gum recession
  • Treatment of cold sores

Epic vs Conventional

Conventional TreatmentEpic Laser Treatment
During ProcedureLocal anesthetic with needle and shots is required to prevent pain. Bleeding is common.Many procedures only require topical anesthetic. Bleeding is reduced or lessened.
After ProcedurePost-operative medication and stitches usually are required.Reduces post-operative pain and need for prescription pain medication. Most cases, no stitches required.
Procedure RecoveryRecovery time may take 6-8 weeks as prolonged healing time and discomfort are often experienced.Recovery time is shortened. Minimal or reduced discomfort is experienced.



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